Kali Linux Virtual Box 2019

Install Kali Linux in Virtual Box [July, 2019]

Obviously, we need to start from the beginning. Still, just in case you do not know where to find Virtual Box, here is the official link to download the latest version of this virtualization software for Linux, Mac, or Windows.


Also here is the link to download the official ISO for Kali Linux, be careful and verify that the MD5 Hash corresponds with the one published on their website, sometimes harmful software may be installed in this type of ISOs so be careful and double-check that prior to the installation.


Once you have Virtual Box Installed on your computer, open it and follow the instructions below:

Click on Add and configure the following options

Kali Linux Virtual Box 2019

Select recommended RAM memory, it will depend upon your capacity, in my case, I will have 4GB assigned to Kali

Create a virtual Disk to store the information of your Virtual Machine

Select the size if your VDI disk, usually for Kali Linux you do not require more than 30GB, it depends on the number of scripts and files you use.



Go to Settings to configure ISO and Graphics Memory and processor



Go to Storage, select “Controller IDE”, and then Choose Virtual Optical Disk File

After all, this configuration, select OK and then start the VM.


You will see that it will open a new window with the VM inside, after that, we have to SELECT “Graphic Install”

SELECT your proffered language.


Enter the hostname for your VM and follow the wizard configuration

AFTER this steps you will be able to see your Kali Desktop

Happy Hacking!